Invitation to Working Groups to Use the New Core Contributor Checkin Platform

Dear Working Group Members:

As you may know, the Core Contributors have been filling in a bi-weekly sprint survey, to record our hourly contributions, to ask for help on tasks, to mention blockers, et cetera. It’s a really helpful process and the Core Contributors get a summary of the results which makes it much easier to do asynchronous work together.

We have been using the Friday App for this but sadly it is shutting down.

Thankfully, the team at OpenCraft, in particular Fox Piacenti, Ali Hugo, Navin Karkera and Gábor Boros, have been working on a replacement for the Friday App. They announced it here in a Discourse post. It is named ListaFlow. Here is a teaser screenshot:

It’s not only the Core Contributors that have been filling in the survey, but also the Marketing Working Group who wanted a way to easily track their contributions.

Now that ListaFlow is nearing readiness, we would like to invite all Working Groups to take part in the sprint surveys by creating a unique survey for each Working Group.

Therefore, you may want to add this to the agenda for your next Working Group meetup to (a) decide if you would like to take part in the sprint survey, and (b) decide on a short list of questions to survey the members of your Working Group.

These are the questions in the Core Contributors survey for your information which you are more than welcome to copy of course:

  • Did you find the last two weeks productive, including the meetings from your working group if any?
  • Checkin - What did you accomplish in the last two weeks (aka “current sprint”)?
  • How many hours did you log over the last 14 days? (enter only the number of hours)
  • Retrospective - What should we improve?
  • Retrospective - What went well these last two weeks / sprint?
  • What will you work on during the next two weeks / sprint?
  • Any blockers?
  • Is there anything where you could use help from others? Or that you would like to collaborate on?

Having the hourly contributions counted is going to be very valuable for the community and helps to prove the power and sustainability of the community. For example, in 2022 over 1,500+ hours have been logged by Core Contributors so far. The number is actually much higher as not all people manage to submit their survey on time, but with ListaFlow as a new tool we want to aim for improved survey data collection, if not perfect data collection.

Well, just let us know if you would like your own sprint survey for your Working Group and @Fox_Piacenti has offered to help set it up for you in Listaflow.


Hi @Fox_Piacenti :fox_face:

I hope you are well.

Based on the conversation from Wednesday’s Marketing Working Group, we have decided to continue to do the bi-weekly sprint checkins/surveys and naturally use your Listaflow.

(1) We would like to use the same questions as the Core Contributors
(2) The cadence will be different to Core Contributors in that the survey deadlines will not be done to coincide with meetings, but rather will done on alternate weeks to the meetings. For example, this month we meet on Wednesday 15th June, Wednesday 29th June, Wednesday 13th July, et cetera. Therefore we would like our survey deadlines to be on Wednesday 22nd June and Wednesday 6 July, and so forth.

Would you be able to, at your convenience, help us to set up a bi-weekly survey for the Marketing Working Group?

If yes, I will send through a list of names and email addresses.


Yep! I can do that. Go ahead and send them along and I’ll get them onboarded. :slight_smile:

Please find the list in your Slack inbox. See the second sheet.

Thank you, Fox.

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