IRONWOOD Release -In LMS Discussion Forum is not working

Hi @Devi_Sithar,

The devstack deployment isn’t suitable for production since it doesn’t properly configure many security related variables to safe values.

There’s multiple methods of deploying a production branch, but from your use case, it looks like you’re trying to deploy a native instance on AWS. You’ll need to use the edx/configuration repository with a stable release branch (the latest one is open-release/ironwood.2).

There’s not a proper amount of updated documentation on how to set up a full production instance as of now, so you’ll need to check multiple sources, such as the documentation, this discussion forum and Confluence. Here are a few starter links:

Alternatively, you can contact one of the service providers to help you set up and maintain your instance.

I’m from OpenCraft, and we can help with this if you want.