Juniper Alpha certificates

@nedbat I noticed under the Juniper wiki that edx-certificates is no longer installed.

This will be a problem for us since we are still using the PDF certificates.

Is this the official end of PDF certificates in favor of HTML certificates ? This will limit our use of Juniper. This is a show stopper for us.

I see the repository is still tagged for open-release/juniper.alpha1. I didn’t noticed it at first. My bad. I guess it can still be installed separately or through a modified installation script. I am not there yet as I still need to rebase the repos in our own fork.

@nedbat can someone confirm for how long edx-certificates will still be supported? This might have an impact on the ongoing support of PDF certificates on our side. Thanks.

This was an error on my part. edx-certificates will still be part of the Juniper release.

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Thanks. When I tried installing it recently with juniper.alpha1, it had problems during the installation process. I just put it aside for the time being. I will try installing it again soon.

Yes, there is a fix needed:

This fix is now cherry-picked onto the open-release/juniper.alpha1 branch.