Problems running Juniper

Hello Sir:

We have deployed two instances (a) BITNAMI and (b) Juniper latest release in two Virtual Machines.

(a) Using Bitnami OVA file we could deploy the VM and started working on the OATH2 3rd party Google Authentication (similar to what you have here in this site) but it did not work and gave Error 500 . Query: While doing Add URI in the Google Developer Console, does the SERVER-IP has to be Public IP? Here the LMS site opened. Hardware was 4-core/4GB RAM/100GB HDD with Ubuntu16.04

(b) Using the Juniper release I could deploy the file after 1 hour but there are too much processes are there in the top command processes whereas I see most of them are Dead/Dormant and Sleeping. All the processes are python which are running gunicorn processes. Moreover the LMS site is not opening. Hardware was 16-core/16GB RAM/100GB HDD with Ubuntu16.04

Juniper is not yet supported by Bitnami

That is correct. I don’t see any dates released yet but the engineers are working on it.