Learners having trouble with completion indicators

For videos the completion is only registered once a student has watched past 95% of the video. Simply starting a video won’t register it as complete.

Here is roughly how completion works:

  • For HTML and most blocks: it’s complete if it’s been visible on page for 5 seconds or more. Opening a unit is not enough, you need to scroll down to the content and ensure it’s visible.
  • For video: it’s complete if the video has been watched past the 95% point. Even skipping to that point works.
  • For graded problems: They are considered complete when an answer is submitted and graded irrespective of whether it’s correct or incorrect.
  • For polls/surveys: It’s when a response is submitted.

You can configure the default interval of 5 seconds to be lower or higher depending on your use case, and can also change the percentage point at which videos are considered complete. The relevant settings can be found here: https://github.com/edx/edx-platform/blob/a9380e2fc91dc82c749dade1a7b29cf1898b3250/lms/envs/common.py#L3942-L3945

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