Lilac.2 is around the corner

Lilac.2 is due to be tagged on August 9th, so let’s get started.


  • issue#85 - Can anyone with ansible knowledge help with this issue?
  • issue#90 - This issue needs a volunteer.

There are a couple of issues that are fixed in master but need to be backported onto lilac.master:

@arbrandes can you have a look through the issues to see if there is anything that should be in lilac.2 has been missed?


@jhony_avella What’s your availability like for the next two weeks?
Would you have time to put together a test checklist that we can battle test for this release?


@regis with the release date approaching would you be happy to step into the role of Release Manager?

Unfortunately I am currently on holidays with no access to my computer, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to assume the responsibility of release manager on August 9th. There’s a slight possibility that I’ll be back home on that day though – I’ll keep you posted. If not, could someone fill in for me?

Sure thing, will do. If I find anything, I’ll add it to the list here.

I made this PR