Please test Lilac.rc1!

Hi there!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a proper update, and this is not (yet) a return to form, but let me get right to it:

We are finally putting out a Lilac release candidate! The official branch is at open-release/lilac.rc1, and we’re looking for people to test it as much as possible. Particularly, using the Native Installation instructions. (They’re basically the same as for Koa, but you’d export OPENEDX_RELEASE=open-release/lilac.rc1.) This is so we have a little time to iron out bugs before release day.

What’s new

Please refer to @pdpinch’s work on the Lilac Release Notes; it’s taking shape quite nicely. We’re also looking for feedback here.

Reporting issues

If you find problems - a not totally unlikely proposition - please (please!) report them to us. You can do it via any of the following channels, we don’t mind. But in order of decreasing preference:

  1. Report a new issue to the build-test-release-wg board, if it’s not there already.
  2. Reply to this thread (or in case of release notes improvements, to Peter’s thread).
  3. Send a message to #wg-build-test-release on Slack.

Known issues

Yes, there are issues we already know about; on that very board, as a matter of fact. The most glaring ones are:

  • The RC still installs Mongo 3.6. We intend to have the final version support 4.0, though.
  • While we’re now installing the Payment and Ecommerce MFEs via edx/configuration, they Ecommerce itself doesn’t work out of the box without significant additional configuration. We intend to improve this situation before calling that work done.

That’s it, for now. Thanks to all in the Build-Test-Release group for all your work on this so far!


@arbrandes , i found this issue when running lilac.rc1: Registration validation endpoint returning 403 in lilac.rc1

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@james_imsimbi, thanks for the bug report! We’ll try to replicate it ASAP and report back.