Localhost Links Not Sending Data

I’m attempting to get OpenEdx set up for development using the Juniper release. I’m following the directions in the GitHub repo to set up on Mac, so I’m using the Python virtual environment and NFS commands. This is my first time using OpenEdx.

All of my services are up and running (verified in Docker and CLI), but when I go to the localhost links (specifically 18000), I get an error message saying the page isn’t working and “localhost host didn’t send any data”. Using the command line to do some troubleshooting, it seems that when a request is sent to a container it’s instantly dropped. I’m getting an empty reply from the server.

Is there anything in particular that I need to do aside from what is in the GitHub repo to access the localhost links? Is there a way to move forward with development without the links?


Are you following the instructions in https://github.com/edx/devstack/tree/open-release/juniper.master to set up the local development environment?

Can you check the output of docker ps to verify that the LMS container, named edx.devstack-juniper.master.lms is up and running and is listening on port 18000? If yes, can you also run make lms-logs from the devstack repository directory to check the output of the LMS development server to see if it is up and running and there are no errors?