Looking for advice about the program to choose

Hi everyone,
I am Leonardo, a 31-year-old Marketing & Communication specialist from Italy and I am writing this post to ask for advice. I hope it can be useful for other people as well.
I have been following courses on edX for years, but now I feel it is the moment to follow a more complete program to advance my career and I want to choose it properly.
Since I already have a Master’s degree, earned in Italy, I would avoid following MicroBachelors or MicroMasters Programs and I would opt for a Professional Certificate or for an XSeries Program.
I am analysing the various programs offered by edX in Marketing & Communication, but I have a big doubt regarding the “level” the platform assigns to the various courses and programs. I can see that many of them are proposed as “introductory level”.
I would like to ask you which is the process the platform follows to assign a level to the courses or to the programs and if you think it is something that, hypothetically, an employer could evaluate when screening our CV.
Thank you in advance for your kind replies.