Moderation and escalation guidelines

These are the moderation guidelines we use in this forum, posted publicly in the interest of transparency:

Moderate Respectfully

As a designated moderator in the Open edX community it is important to model our code of conduct. When you believe someone is in violation, please assume best intent until proven wrong. It’s quite possible that the comments were unintentionally disrespectful or that the poster was just expressing their opinion too strongly, or that English is not their first language. If you suspect, or have been told, that a comment is inappropriate please follow the escalation procedures outlined below.

Moderators are not asked to enforce rules or tasked with threatening consequences. Moderators should be above the fray and should always try to defuse a situation with a measured response. You should not take sides in an argument and should remind all participants of their responsibilities.

When responding regarding a possible code of conduct violation, acknowledge the posters feelings:

  • I can see you feel strongly about this.
  • I understand that this experience has been frustrating.

Then remind the poster of the Code of Conduct, providing them a link to it (, and the importance of respecting all individuals and respecting divergent points of view.

Focus on adjusting behavior to be in-line with our community’s values. If the poster doesn’t respond to feedback, follow the escalation procedure below. The Open Source Community Managers team will ultimately be responsible for enforcement.

Escalation Protocol

If you believe that a poster is violating the Open edX Community Code of Conduct, escalate the matter to a member of the Open edX Community Managers Team via email to Include the following to the best of your ability in that message:

  1. A statement of the seriousness of the matter, what is the urgency of response?
  2. A statement of the nature of the violation with links to the offensive posts. It is useful to take a screenshot to preserve potentially ephemeral evidence.
  3. Include the contents of whatever conversations you have had with the poster in your capacity as moderator that are relevant to this matter.
  4. If there are historical details that are relevant also mention them.


The Open Source Community Managers, OSCM, team will review all reports from community moderators based on their urgency. Urgent matters will be reviewed within 1 business day of the report.

Offensive or copyright violating posts will be archived and removed before a final decision has been made on the appropriate consequences of the offense.

The OSCM team will contact the violator with a statement related to the matter. Depending upon the seriousness of the matter, that statement may range from a warning, to a final warning, to notification of an immediate ban.

In particularly egregious instances, bans may be implemented prior to contacting the offender.

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