New Core Contributor Nomination as Code Contributor

Hello Everyone,

I would like to nominate Miguel Amigot of IBL Education as a Core Contributor for the code contributor role. IBL has been supporting the Open edX project since 2013 and the latest code contributions by Miguel Amigot can be found in the two Jupyter repos. Miguel is committed to provide 10% of his engineering capacity towards the enhancement of the Open edX platform. This voting period will be active over the next 2 weeks (closing on 8/3). Therefore, kindly indicate whether you vote yes or no.

Yes sure Miguel is an early adopter of the Open edX technology and my vote is yes.

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Hi @ehuthmacher and Miguel -

Could you provide evidence (pull requests etc) of contributions to the Open edX codebase? From OEP-54: Core Contributors — Open edX Proposals 1.0 documentation :

Core Contributors in any role must demonstrate the “3C’s” prior to joining the program, thus, the nomination thread must explain how the candidate has done so. This will include providing links to examples of previous Open edX work (for example, pull requests) that has been done for the community (as opposed to work done for a specific installation, that has not been contributed back to the larger community).

The code sample linked appears to be within a specific installation/company’s repository, and not contributed back to the community.

For the code examples, we’re looking to see pull requests/actual code that the nominee has directly contributed, not just a link to a code repository or GitHub organization.


Hi there,

For nominations of core contributors of code it is also necessary to indicate the specific repository or repositories that the nominee would be granted write access to. This info is very important for the voting process as well.


Yes thank you, Felipe! Miguel, could you be so kind and provide the requested information in this thread please?

Hi all,

We are past the comment period indicated and the proposed new CC has not received the required number of votes. I’m going to close this thread; the nomination may occur again in the future.