Nominating Moisés González as Core Contributor for OpenedX

I would like to nominate Moisés González ( @MoisesGonzalezS ) as a Core Contributor to OpenedX. Moisés has actively contributed to OpenedX repositories and tools associated with Tutor (The official OpenedX installation mechanism).

Moisés’ Contributions:

Moisés has been contributing to the OpenedX project since 2021. His contributions can be found here.

Key Highlights:

  • He has been actively participating in the Large Instances group, being very proactive, and collaborating with PR reviews and testing.
  • Moisés has been heavily involved in the support of Codejail for Kubernetes.
  • Moisés actively participates in the Discuss space, as can be seen on his profile.
  • Valuable contributions to our internal tooling.

Access Sought

Attending the call of the maintenance working group, this nomination is aimed at Moises becoming one of the maintainers of the following repositories:

Conduct and Caliber:

I have worked with Moisés for the past 2 years and have witnessed his great commitment, his great capacity for analysis, problem-solving, and his pursuit of continuous improvement. He integrates very well into teamwork and is very willing to have greater participation in the OpenedX community.


Moisés has a commitment from his employer to contribute 20 hours/month towards core contributor work.

Comment Period:

For this nomination to pass, Moisés needs 5 positive votes and no unaddressed objections in the next 3 weeks (deadline on March 19). This is a little over two weeks from this posting.


:+1: from me!

I really appreciate @MoisesGonzalezS 's helpfulness and curiosity on his forum posts, and his commitment and abilities are also evident from his contributions.

:+1: from me.

I vote yes and I fully support this nomination as well. Moises has an incredible depth of knowledge and I have full confidence in the quality of his work.

I haven’t worked with Moises directly but :+1: from me given his linked contributions and communications.

Moisés is a top-quality worker, I’ve seen him do great work in all the years we’ve worked together. So I have no doubts that he’d be an excellent addition to the Core Contributors program. It’s definitely a yes!

I’ve reviewed Moisés’ profile, and I’m happy to :+1: his nomination as well.

It is a yes for me too.

Hi all! This nomination has reached its deadline, having 7 positive votes during this period. This means @MoisesGonzalezS nomination is accepted! I created an issue here to ask for the required permissions. Thanks for voting :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone for the support and kind words. :heart:

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