Coding CC Rights: Ed Zarecor

Per the conversation here as well as OEP-54, I’m asking to formalize my involvement in the Open edX community via the Core Contributor program.

Who I am

I’m Ed Zarecor (@e0d on GitHub and Slack). I joined edX in 2012 as an individual contributor on the Devops team and have been working on the Open edX platform since – and before – it was made available as an open-source project. Over the years I have worn many hats at edX and am now the VP of Engineering for Open edX at tCRIL.

My Current Access and Why I Have It

I’m currently an organization-wide admin (aka “owner”) for the openedx GitHub organization. This grants me access to configure settings & user access on the organization and all of its repositories. It also grants me global write access, which means that I can push branches, leave qualifying PR reviews, and merge PRs for all repositories.

As owners of the openedx repository, tCRIL is responsible for the overall management and administration of the GitHub organization. Administration of the organization is among the services that tCRIL provides as stewards of the project. For example, we are responsible for ensuring that all committers are covered by a CLA before code contributions are accepted as well as the timely off-boarding of contributors when they leave the project

My “code” contributions will be focused on helping to standardize our repositories across the project, README fixes, security updates, automation, reviews, etc., with the primary goal of ensuring that the project is running effectively and well.

Comment Period

As usual, this needs 5+ “yes” votes and zero “no” votes to pass. And, of course, anyone can weigh in with concerns whether or not they’re CCs.

The comment period is 2 weeks starting today (March 1), so please respond by March 15th.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.


@e0d Big :+1: from me :smiley:

You’re a major reason why we have core contributors at all, and I’m pleased that you’re willing to continue helping the program along with your new role at tCRIL.


Would love to have you on the cc team, Ed! :grin:

@e0d At edX you have often championed many of the good open source practices that have been adopted over the years – it’s no surprise, and a great thing for the project, that you are building it at tCRIL now. :slight_smile: :+1: from me!

Here’s my…



(Did not see that coming, did you, @e0d?)

:+1: from me for the legend.

:+1: without hesitation!

Thanks for the input everyone! Ed is now a Core Contributor :tada:

You can find his name and access rights on the Core Contributor page.


I don’t know why I missed this thread. I wanted to still give my yes vote for all the amazing work Ed has put through the years.