New course content is not showing in LMS

Good afternoon

We are adding new content in the courses, its in the published status and we could preview it however when we logged in as a student the new sections aren’t visible.

When I press “Watch live version” in Studio I get following

Unable to get masquerade options

An unexpected error occurred. Please click the button below to refresh the page.

Try again

After logout-login, “Watch live version” works as expected however students are unable to see new content.

There was on indexing error related to elasticsearch which I have fixed but not sure what else to look far.
Anyone has faced similar issue or any tips where to look far?


Hello @mzia

This may be a bit basic, but just in case you need to check on your end…
for a piece of content to be visible by enrolled learners it needs to comply with:

  • the unit needs to be published
  • the unit needs to be released (release dates)
  • the subsection containing the unit needs to be released.
  • the section containing the subsection needs to be released.
  • the unit should not have visibility restrictions by content group. (linked to cohorts)

I hope it helps

Thank you @juancamilom
Apparently the issue was with the cms-worker which was stuck after the tutor restart.
Every time if stop-start or restart tutor, both lms and cms workers needs to be manually restarted.