Courses not showing on studio after upgrading to tutor

Hello everyone

I have finally managed to migrate from native to tutor
but now I have another problem
courses are not showing up in studio
but they do show up in lms and when I click them
I get error 500

Hi @tomg10. We’re going to need a lot more information to be able to help you. For example:

What error message is appearing in the LMS logs when you get the 500 error?

Is it possible they aren’t showing up in Studio because your user doesn’t have permission to view them?

@tomg10 Can you share the versions of the native and tutor installations?

This might be relevant: Upgrading Koa to Nutmeg: why don't courses appear?

Thanks for your replies
I just recreated the courses with the help of import and export feature
so this problem is fixed

but now I got 2 problems
1social login icons are no longer visible.

2 (Account,Profile ) pages does not work but the course page which is also using mfe is working fine
(Error: Axios Error (Response): 500 )
any idea?

it is really necessary for me to fix this
otherwise I get a big trouble because a lot of our users are using facebook to login.
Thanks (edited)