New Frontend Working Group Meeting Format

Hey all! This is quick announcement of two things:

1. We won’t be holding the alternate working group meeting going forward.

This is primarily because attendance has been spotty in the past few weeks, but not just that: we now have a Maintenance Working Group where most of the topics we did end up talking about in the alternate FWG meeting (almost exclusively maintenance conversations with @Abdullah_Waheed and FED-BOM) can be discussed.

2. The remaining bi-weekly meeting has a new format!

Instead of the usual open agenda, which seemed to lead for the most part to a list of announcements which can be made just as well asynchronously, we’ll now decide on an interesting topic in the week leading up to it, and then spend as much time as we need or want just on it during the meeting. The topic itself can be as simple as a controversial PR where we proceed to iron out any kinks, or maybe an issue somebody’s facing that could benefit from a synchronized set of eyes. Or a pitch for a particular piece of technology that might be interesting to bring into the frontend stack.

The first meeting in this new format will be held tomorrow, and we’ll talk about react-query. To start it off, @AdamStankiewicz has graciously accepted to show-and-tell his usage of it in Enterprise. Anybody’s welcome to add their experiences with it, to ask questions, or just to sit around and listen. You can find details for the meeting here:

It will be recorded as usual, and an LLM-generated summary of the transcript will be provided.

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