New Juniper testing branch: open-release/juniper.rc1

I’ve created new testing branches in the repos: open-release/juniper.rc1

This is not the start of the Juniper master branches. This is a named snapshot for coordinated testing. Known problems are documented in the open Jira tickets in the Juniper epic:


Thanks for the update @nedbat! Currently setting up and testing the rc1 branch. Will give feedback on the related ticket.

I’ve cherry-picked a fix onto rc1 ( I’m not sure how many cherry-picks mean that we should make a new branch.

It looks like we still need to manually generate tokens for the standard logins to work ( Is that going to be built into the install process?

@mikedkelly It would be better to discuss the JWT issue on its specific thread (JWT and Juniper?). I am looking to the community for help with prioritizing problems and developing solutions.