New Report Browser MFE by OpenCraft

A long time ago, OpenCraft worked on a browser-based CSV viewer for reports as part of a larger project to improve XBlock problem response reports.

Now that the required APIs are available, we’ve created a fresh implementation of the report viewer as an MFE.

You can also see it in action here.

The focus of this MFE is in exploring the reports generated via the instructor dashboard, and has a simple, straightforward UI:

Accessing the MFE Directly lists the courses for which you get reports:

Clicking on a course ID will return the reports available for that course, and show links for downloading a report or viewing it online:

The report viewer uses the Paragon data table, allowing for filtering and sorting by columns:

You can also see a video of it in action here:

report-browser-demo-public (704.5 KB)