OEP-57: Product Offering

We (@jmakowski , @sarina, and I) are excited to propose OEP-57: Product Offering!

Review begins today (Oct 11) and goes until Monday, Oct 31. @ali_hugo has volunteered be our arbiter.

We’d love review from various perspectives including product managers, project managers, and engineers. (Engineers: please forward this review request along to other roles in your org!)

To reach the broadest audience of reviewers we will be reviewing the content of the OEP on a wiki page (linked above). Comments can be made inline and/or the bottom of the page.

Once review on the content is complete, we will transfer the text to GitHub for ~24hrs of formatting-only review (linked here) just to make sure we have the translation to RST correct.

Thank you in advance for your feedback :pray:!


@kmccormick @jmakowski @sarina

I’ve just finished my first review. Well done for condensing those ideas into a succinct and easy-to-read OEP! :clap:

I’ve added a number of comments, most of which are minor notes related to wording. See you on the wiki!