OEP-56: Architectural Advisory Process

An OEP has been created to formalize an architectural advisory process that will help empower the Open edX community to effectively make architectural decisions. The OEP describes a process for getting feedback that builds on top of our existing ADR and OEP processes.

Reviews are welcome here: OEP-56: Architectural Advisory Process by davidjoy · Pull Request #305 · openedx/open-edx-proposals · GitHub

The comment period begins today and will run for approximately 3 weeks, ending on 2022-03-21. However sooner feedback is appreciated so that it is easier to incorporate more of the community’s thoughts on the final version.

Thank you!


The comment period for OEP-56 has concluded. There were no major issues brought up that would prevent us from accepting the OEP. There are minor improvements that still need to be made which we’ll work through over the next week or two before officially accepting the OEP.

More updates when the OEP finally lands but I wanted to keep people aware of the current state of the OEP.

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OEP-56 has now been provisionally accepted as a part of Open edX Processes.

More information will be coming on the Decision Impact Checklist which can be used to ask for input on decisions.

The published OEP can be found here: OEP-56: Architectural Advisory Process — Open edX Proposals 1.0 documentation

If you have questions, please reach out to myself or @djoy here or on slack.

We will re-visit the Provisional status on the OEP in 3-months to understand its impact and to decide on whether or net it should transition to fully accepted.