OEP-55: Project Maintainers

An OEP has been created to formalize the maintainer role for components of Open edX. The intention is to clarify the needs and expectations around maintenance, especially as we consider having more components maintained by organizations other than 2U.

Reviews are welcome here: https://github.com/openedx/open-edx-proposals/pull/290

The comment period will run for approximately 4 weeks, ending on 2022-04-18. However, sooner feedback is appreciated so that it is easier to incorporate more of the community’s thoughts on the final version.

Thank you!


Thank you to everyone who participated in the extensive discussion on OEP-55! All of the issues raised seem to have been satisfactorily addressed, and we’re well past the originally intended review period, so I have merged it as Provisionally Accepted.

The OEP itself points out that there are a number of details remaining to be worked out during the pilot phase; we’ll be kicking off that pilot and hashing out those details as described in the Bootstrapping section of the OEP.

Hey all,

As we continue to hash out the implementation details for the maintainers program, we’ll be adding ADRs to the OEP. The first such decision is up for review and feedback now:

I’ll keep the review open till the end of Wednesday June 22.



Coming Soon:

  • A Scrum of Scrums Meeting with the pilot maintainers.

More Details can be found on the Pilot Wiki.

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Another Update:

Next Meeting Scrum of Scrums will be scheduled the week of Sept 19th.