OEP-58: Translations Management

We (@sarina, @feanil, and I) are excited to propose OEP-58: Translations Management!

Review begins today (2022/11/07) and goes until 2022/11/21. @nedbat has volunteered be our arbiter.

We’d love a review from various community perspectives including Tutor users/developers, MFE developers, Translators, and BTR WG members. (Engineers: please forward this review request along to other roles in your org!)

Thank you in advance for your feedback :metal:


The comment period for OEP-58 has concluded. We had a lot of community feedback and discussion but there were no major issues brought up that would prevent us from provisionally accepting the OEP. There are minor improvements based on conversations that have been made to the document which we’ll work through this week before officially accepting OEP-58 by the end of the week. In addition, conversations addressing Follow-Up Work have been summarized in Translations Management Design & Implementation. The community is encouraged to continue conversations there.

There will be more updates when the OEP finally lands but I wanted to keep people aware of the current state of the OEP.