Offering UX/UI design assistance

Hi everyone!

I’m Ali and I’d like to help anyone in the community looking for UX/UI design assistance. Perhaps you’re developing a new feature and need some mockups. Or maybe you just need an extra pair of eyes on something you’ve built. Either way, I’m here to help!

A bit about me: I’m a UX and UI designer who has recently been made a Core Contributor. I have a small design company called Fixate, and have been working with OpenCraft for the last few years.

Hope to work together soon!



Hi @ali_hugo

Interesting! I assume you have worked on Open Edx platforms then? Do you have any examples?


Hi @Puskas

I actually haven’t worked directly on any Open edX platforms yet, but I have been busy helping with the design of a custom Open edX theme. The goal is to create a theme that is user-friendly, beautiful, and easy for users to customise. You can check out the first draft of the design here (use your left and right arrows to click through the various pages of the presentation). We’ve also been discussing our ideas with the community in this thread - feel free to weigh in!

I will also be working on expanding and improving the Paragon Design System over the next few weeks/months, so I should soon have a thorough understanding of the various design components used across Open edX.

I’m looking forward to building my Open edX experience, and possibly collaborating soon!


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