Join the new Open edX Educators working group!

Hello everyone,

At this year’s conference, several of us came together to form a new open edX educators working group. The purpose of this community will be to meet others working in the open online education space, share best practices, and bring the educator perspective to the larger edX community.
While we are still gaining new members and coming to group consensus, here are a few things we expect so far:
We expect to be a group that is more explicitly non-technical.
We expect to include regular “brown-bag” sessions where we can hear presentations and discuss about common challenges we all face.
We plan to give back to the community and the product, with non-technical documentation likely being the first big task that some of us take on.
We expect to represent the educator perspective, and to a degree the learner perspective, for other working groups.

First meeting is coming up next Monday. If you’d like to attend, or if you just want to be kept in the loop and join our Slack channel, please register!

First Meeting: Meeting Registration - Zoom
#wg-educators Slack Channel: Slack


Today is the first meeting at 1pm EDT / 5pm UTC!
Registration Link: Meeting Registration - Zoom
Final Agenda: