Open edX Con 2023 - Awards Ceremony

Hi there!

An awards ceremony will be included in the agenda of the Open edX Conference 2023 to recognize members of the community who have made the most significant contributions to the project over the last year, in the context of their associated Working Group. The organizers are asking that each WG nominates two members for this purpose in a category selection, relevant to our WG.

For this purpose, and in the context of the BTR, I propose we use this thread to choose the two members of the working group we’d like to nominate for this awards ceremony. The rules are the following:

  1. Any member of the BTR could make a nomination. This nomination must include the name of the BTR member and the reasons why she’s being nominated, highlighting the contributions of this person during 2023 to the BTR working group’s mission.
  2. Any member of the BTR can vote (giving like) for 2 candidates of his choice.
  3. The thread will be open until 17/02. Then, the 2 candidates to be nominated for the Open edX Con 2023 awards ceremony will be the ones with the most votes/likes.

This thread will remain open until 20/02 :grin:

Let’s get started! :call_me_hand:


I would like to nominate @Dean for the exceptional job he did with the test plan, building it from multiple sources and maintaining it while we tested Nutmeg and Olive. The test plan allows member of the BTR working group and testers to easily track the tests done by the community and report problems that will then be created as issues and resolved by other members of the group or the community.


As discussed during the last meeting on 2023-02-20, I would also like to nominate @pdpinch for his outstanding and consistent contribution to the release notes publication.