Core Contributor Nomination - Navin Karkera

As per the Core Contributor Nomination Process , I would like to nominate OpenCraft’s @navin to be a core contributor!

Navin’s first community contribution to Open edX (that I could find) was in March 2022. Since then, he has merged the following in the openedx org:

At least one commit each across 4 different Tutor repos, and probably some other things I missed. :slight_smile:

Access Sought

I’d like to start him off with merge rights to the following repos:

  • edx-platform
  • openedx-events
  • event-bus-redis

Conduct and Caliber

Navin has been a joy to work with on the redis event bus project, and others I have talk to have expressed similar feelings. He has written several ADRs and worked across a wide swath of the ecosystem. I’d love to see his experience on the event bus help drive the adoption of that tech forward.


As a member of OpenCraft, Navin would be committing to 20 hours / month.

Comment Period
For this nomination to pass, Navin needs 5 positive votes and no unaddressed objections by June 9, 2023, a little over two weeks from this posting.


I have worked with Navim in some of those requests and I think the his Conduct and Caliber of contributions was generously demonstrated. I vote yes to this nomination.

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Enthusiastic :+1: !
@navin shows attention to detail and care across projects that affect many interlocking repositories, and the quality of his communication and code is top knotch. Navin will make a great addition to the CC program :smile:

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I also fully support Navin’s nomination. His contributions, solid developer skills and great communication make him a solid candidate for the Program :+1:

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Definitely! :+1: @navin is a great contributor to every project he joins - thanks for nominating him as core contributor @BrianMesick, the Open edX project should benefit well from getting more contributions from @navin , and the ability to review & merge more quickly should speedup the development of the current projects he works on.

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:+1: from me!

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Absolutely yes! Thank you so much for your work!

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Thanks for the feedback all! @navin has passed with 7 approvals (including mine) and no dissents. Congrats @navin!


Thank you @BrianMesick for nominating me and everyone for your kind words. It would be an honor for me to become a core contributor. :rocket: