Open edX Contributors Meetup

Hi all! Here is the recap from the meeting we held on 07.11.2023

Video Recording

OpenedX Contributors Meeting - 07.11.2023


Contributors Meetup Async Update


Calls for participation

  • PR Review Delays: Follow-up on the discussion from the last meeting:
    • Discussion has kept going async on the forum in the meantime. - any comments/topics from the forum exchanges worth discussing synchronously?
    • Kudos to everyone from this meeting who commented btw
    • Tasks creation and assignation - on topics that already have consensus (like advertising the need for more core contributors, and for existing core contributors to extend their rights), is there anyone willing to create tasks for the work? To take some of them on?
  • Wafle flags. From @pdpinch: “For a feature that’s used so frequently, waffle flags are not well-documented – Neither the library nor the implementations.” – any suggestions?
  • Video social share feature – how can we get an answer to Core Contributor Sprint Retro: 2023-05-27 - 2023-06-10 - #6 by antoviaque – if anyone from 2U is there, can you relay? (otherwise I’ll try to bring it up to the product working group, CC @jmakowski

Discussion topics

Next meetup

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