Introducing: The Contributor Coordination Working Group

Hello Open edX contributors! :wave:

We ( @antoviaque , @Natalia_Choconta and @jalondonot ) are starting the Contributor Coordination Working Group, with the goal of fostering effective communication and collaboration between different working groups and contributors within the Open edX community.

Background :scroll:

For more than 3 years, the bi-weekly contributors meeting responded to the need to have a centralized discussion space for the main contributors of the community, including the WG chairs, and in general, a space for anyone interested in discussing topics related to the Open edX community and encouraging valuable conversations.

Today’s Open edX Community is very different from the one it was 3 years ago. It is much more organized, with collaborative spaces, information radiators, and meetings everywhere, including community-wide efforts to improve and establish spaces and mechanisms for collaboration between core contributors and other members of the community, such as the core contributors sprints, the contributor meetup, and the contributors meetup async update.

We want to create and get this working group going in order to create synergies, coordinate, and increase the impact of the efforts and initiatives that aim at facilitating and promoting collaboration, communication, and alignment across working groups and community contributors.

How we will work :bulb:

Like any other working group, Contributor Coordination WG will be open to anyone who wants to participate. There is no formal membership.

As in many other working groups, the primary working model will be asynchronous:

  • Slack for questions, proposals, and discussion.
  • GitHub Issues for tracking projects and action items.
  • These forums for general discussion and announcements. and posting the async WG updates and CC sprint retrospectives.

Also, we’ll hold contributor meetups every four weeks with time for:

  • Sharing accomplishments or challenges
  • More open and engaging conversations (with notes taken and recording for those who can’t make it)

These details and more are collected on the Contributor Coordination WG wiki page.

Let us know if you’re interested :raising_hand_woman:

Please comment below or reach out to us if you’d like to participate!