Open edX ios app rejected(metadata)

Hello everyone , I tried to publish my app on the Appstore but apple rejected my app (Metadata Rejected) and now they need more information
( 1. Does your app access any paid content or services?
2. What are the paid content or services?

Is there any payment system in the open edx ios app source code if so how can I remove it safely because I do not need it ,
(I used open edx ios version 2.24)

Hi @tomg10 !
edX used to have a page on Confluence about what to say to Apple’s Advertising Identifier question, but it’s since been restricted :frowning:

I select the “attribute this app installation to a previously served advertisement” to get past this.

But I see your question is about paid content – if your site has no paid courses, then you can safely say “no” to that question about paid content or services. I don’t think the iOS code takes payments directly, that would all be done via the Open edX website.

I solved the problem