OpenCraft's Quarterly Catch Up

It’s that time again. Our quarterly catch up is here, and I’m about to dish out the hottest goss on all things OpenCraft and Open edX :wink:. So, drumroll please…

Top news

Open edX presents Content Tagging!

“Tagging” has been a long-requested feature for managing content in Studio, and now OpenCraft is finally designing and building it for Axim Collaborative! While there are big plans, the first release will be a user-friendly, minimal viable product. Here are some of the things everyone can look forward to:

  • Instructors will be able to:

    • search and filter content according to a particular competency, subject, skill, or learning outcome
    • assign tags to questions created in Content Libraries, so they’re easy to find and reuse
    • tag components in different courses, so it’s easy to see the component’s subject matter
  • Learning designers will be able to:

    • tag units for competencies and learning objectives to ensure they align with the overall course objectives
    • upload external taxonomies so taxonomies don’t need to be created from scratch

So, get ready for more organized learning content. Tagging will make it easier for you to find, curate, and build relationships between course content. Your learners will thank you too! Think of courses that are effortlessly searchable and primed for personalization.

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