New Content Tagging Feature: Feedback Requested on Product Specs

Hi all,

tCRIL, OpenCraft and 2U are working on product specs and technical discovery for a new feature that would enable content tagging in Libraries and in courses. We’d like your input, via two specified pathways:

  1. Please read, and add your questions or comments, to our Strategy Document that outlines the value, impact and core capabilities of the proposed feature
  2. Please review the list of user stories we’ve amassed. If you have a use case that’s contingent on aligning content to taxonomies and you don’t see it represented, please add it directly to the list.

The capacity to align content with taxonomies has been a long-time need, and well documented across the Open edX ecosystem. Adding this capability to the platform would unlock a diverse range of use cases, from instructional design to content recommendations and better content management.

To date, there has not been a centralized, platform-wide strategy for building this capability, but we believe the benefits of doing so far outweigh any alternative approach.

We’ve gathered as many use cases and user stories as we can across the community that rely on the ability to align content with taxonomies. Then, we generalized a set of core platform capabilities that we believe would meet the majority of the specific needs we heard. All of this data is outlined in the Tagging Strategy document.

At this stage, we’d highly value your input, to ensure that we are designing this feature in a way that works for you. Please add your questions, comments, suggestions and feedback!

We will keep feedback channels open until Friday, March 24!


@jmakowski (tCRIL), Brad Brown (2U), @braden (OpenCraft), @dave (tCRIL)