Tagging a question in Open edX

Hi All,

I wanted to integrate tagging into the question in Openedx via Xblock please guide me how i can tag a question please guide me. I want to achieve this when i create a question in all category.

i am taking these are as refence will they help or not

I am using Nutmeg with Tutor

So sorry guys I am tagging you here since you have more knowledge on this one. I know you both are very busy I am requesting you please give me only your 2 min of time in this one.


I have followed this link
Please guide me how I can do it I will complete it and share it with community or share any online resource which will help my and my team to build this system
I wanted to tag question and chapter lecture content also please guide me
I am starting a non for profit startup for student in my country. We need your guidance for the same.

@Manoj_kumar Unfortunately there is currently no system for adding tags to XBlocks or any other type of Open edX content. There have been some projects and prototypes of it in the past (such as in those links you sent), but so far nothing has been completed.

We have started a process for making the Open edX platform more modular which will likely involve implementing tagging and metadata support, but that’s going to be a long term project, not something you can use this year.

My recommendation for you would be to build a simple external system or database table within Open edX that can store the tag data as [content ID, tag] rows, and then implement a plugin for Studio to display the tag editor under each XBlock. Then you can at least have a basic tagging system that works for now. If you want, you can use tagstore as a starting point - it’s software that I wrote exactly for this purpose, although it has no UI.

Or, if you have a lot of time and want to contribute it as a fully-developed, complete feature, please let us know. I’d be happy to help, but it would be quite a big project and require a lot of time and resources.

Hi Braden @braden,
thank you Braden for giving us this hue opportunity. We excited to work with you on this how we can start the process.

@Manoj_kumar Hi, thanks for the ping. I am posting my response here so that the information is documented publicly.

Thank you for reaching out. I went through the discussion and I am sharing what I know from implementing the PR that’s mentioned.

It involves 3 parts:

  1. Adding a filter to openedx-filters that will be executed whenever a specific action takes place. For eg., new question created, a question rendered…etc.,
  2. Placing a hook in the edx-platform that will call the corresponding filter. In this case, let’s say a filter is called everytime a question block is rendered.
  3. A Open edX plugin that can implement the pipeline step for the filter. Now this can either use Django models and store the information in the same DB, or it could be calling an external API. Either way, the purpose of the plugin would be to fetch the tags and add it to the question block rendered content.

This is the approach I have been using in implementation of “Edit this page” buttons. The PoC was completed recently and requires refinement, but should provide you an idea of what I have described.

@arunmozhi Thankyou for your support , Can you guide us how we can accomplish what we wanted to accomplish with tagging system in OpenEdx.

Hi Braden,
I have a wonderful developer from my team I am tagging him he will surely complete this task @Lingesuwaran_J_C . Lingesuwaran I am connecting you with a gem @braden from this community. He will guide you to create that xblock on which you are currently working. He is extremely busy person so if you have any doubt I am requesting you to come to him with all the facts only.

I don’t have complete clarity with the edx-platform internals at the moment to guide you through the process. I will be working on improving the PoC in the next couple of weeks. I will share whatever I learn from that experience with you.

Great I will wait and I have added my teammate into the loop he will work on this one form our side

Hi Braden,

@braden and @arunmozhi Thank you alot for your Kind gesture I am adding my Complete Team here and they will work hard on this
@paramjeet_singh Project Leader
@imsheth Our Senior Most Techie
@aamin Our Developer
@preeti Our Developer

I assigned my team on this project they will work dedicatedly on this project only @braden Please guide these guys.

Great. Hopefully the information above is enough to get started. Good luck! If you encounter any roadblocks or need input on design alternatives, let us know in this thread and we’ll see how we can help.