ORA submission files usernames not shown but anonim user_id

Hi friends,

I am using the maple version,
While downloading submission files in the Data Download, Instructor dashboard section the usernames doesn’t show instead of it I see Anonim user id of usernames,
[10.29.4. Accessing Metrics for ORA Assignments — Building and Running an Open edX Course documentation](https://This link) says the uploaded files must contain usernames but not,

How can I get usernames in txt files?.

If you have any mind please share them with me.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Shukurlu

You need to set feature flag ENABLE_ORA_USERNAMES_ON_DATA_EXPORT to True. That should allow you to get usernames names instead of annonymoust user ids in reports.

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Dear Friend @Zia_Fazal , thank you very much, it worked for me, but in the submission.csv file I yet could not find usernames but student anonim id. How can I enable username showing in submission.csv file?. Thanks in Advance!

@Shukurlu I don’t think we have ability to show username instead of anononymous id in submissions CSV.

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