Problem after changing platform name into Arabic


After I changes the platform name into Arabic word and restated the lms, the edx goes down with “Uh oh, we are having some server issues…” message

I changed the “PLATFORM_NAME”: in lms.env.json, cms.env.json and common/py. I already pulled the translation from transifex and added the Arabic language to the site so the user can switch to the Arabic verion. Ironwood edx used.

Help Please


Hi Ahmed, welcome to Open edX community discussion.

To make it easier for us to identify your problem, can you attach a log file?

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As I asked this question before on Google groups, I came by a solution provided by Mahyar Damavand. The solution is to convert the Arabic characters to escaped Unicode characters, I tried it and worked.


Will consider this in the coming issues.
Thanks Rizky for guidance

Thanks for sharing your solution.

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