Pre-requisites to becoming an Educator

I am interested to create online course content in Mathematics category.
Please let me know what are the pre-requisites to becoming an educator.

@foger Welcome to Open edX!

It depends where you would like to create a course. If you are talking about, you need to be part of one of the edX partner institutions - if that’s the case, you will need to talk to your organization about it.

If not, you could setup your own course on your own Open edX instance - either by setting it up yourself, or by using one of the hosting solutions out there (eg. OpenCraft hosting or one of solutions listed at ).

Hi Xavier,

Thank you for the guidance and explanation of the difference between Open edX and online course hosting partner such as eduNext.

Unfortunately, I do not belong to any University (I am doing my Maths research independently).

So I will consider Open edX versus one of your hosting partner.