Pull Requests Review Delays

@antoviaque @e0d @gabrieldamours Following yesterday’s conversation about PR reporting I added two date fields to the Contributions board:

  • Date opened
  • Ready for review since
    • Note that review is short for engineering review here.

For the repos that I’m responsible for these new fields have already been populated. (@Michelle_Philbrick I’m out of time for spending more time on this this week, but I could help update the fields for your repos starting next week.)

So you can now filter OSPRs based on how long they’ve been open/in the queue for engineering review. Examples:

For the record, I also renamed the Notes field to Last PM check to make the contents of that field easier to understand for people less familiar with the Contributions board.

It didn’t take a lot of time to populate the new fields retroactively. So if we wanted to be able to filter OSPRs by how long it took for them to get merged/closed, I think we could add another field for recording the merge date and populate that as well.

CC @nedbat

Syntax for date filters for reference.