Does Open edX team assign reviewer to PRs themself or is there any action required by me?

Hi, I raised my first open source PR for OpenEdx few weeks back. It passed the test cases and is awaiting review. I am not sure if some action is required by my end to find reviewers from the community or is it assigned by OpenEdx team themselves?

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No action is required from you; someone will find a reviewer for the PR eventually. Unfortunately it can take a while, and it’s a known challenge facing the project. Sorry that your first contribution experience is like that. If you know who might be a good reviewer it often helps to ask them, but it’s definitely not expected.

What’s your PR?


Thanks for the clarification. I just wanted to make sure I have not missed anything.

Here is my PR: perf: Reduce database calls when generating problem responses report by ahmed-zubair-1998 · Pull Request #33940 · openedx/edx-platform · GitHub

@Ahmed_Zubair: Actually, there was a process problem that this highlighted. Thank you for bringing the PR to our attention. There hopefully is nothing left for you to do, but the PR had fallen through the cracks of the process.