Core Contributors: Help Open edX by reviewing more PRs and maintaining repos

Following recent developments at 2U (1, 2) the new Maintenance Working Group discussed implications for the OSPR review process and repo maintenance.

The following decisions were made (3):

CC reviews for OSPRs

Instead of requiring approval from a 2U member by default, and only considering OSPRs eligible for CC review upon explicit confirmation from 2U, it is now possible for

… any CC [to] take on Reviews and Merges that they can manage.

  • So if you are a CC for one or more repositories, you are welcome to check the Contributions board for OSPRs that are ready for review – and/or have been stuck waiting for review for more than two weeks – and start reviewing them!

  • If you come across a PR that you don’t feel completely confident reviewing yourself, but know of another CC that would be a great fit for the review, please point that out on the PR.

  • As OSPR managers, @Michelle_Philbrick and I will actively be pinging CCs for help with OSPR reviews as well.

This should help keep PRs from stalling indefinitely, and generally speed up the process of getting them merged :rocket:

Repo maintenance

To speed up the process of finding/replacing maintainers for Open edX repositories, requirements for becoming a maintainer were temporarily changed – in a nutshell, for now there is

… No need to have contributed to a repo if you are a CC in another Open edX Repo

More specifically, you can volunteer to maintain a repo as long as you’re able to show, via work on similar repos within the Open edX ecosystem, that you are well-versed in relevant parts of the stack.

You don’t need to become a CC on the repo prior to volunteering. Instead, if you are accepted as the maintainer of the repo, you will also become a CC for that repo.

For full context see this thread.

Where can I find repos needing maintainers?

  • A first batch of repos was posted by @feanil here.
  • If you feel like those are not a good fit for you, check out Release repos and Maintenance Priorities which contains a complete list of relevant repositories.
    • :bulb: The list is ordered by priority, so if you can, please consider taking maintainership for Priority 1 repositories first.

:mega: PRs and repos needing help now :mega:

Before following the general instructions above for finding PRs to review, consider checking whether you can help with the following:



CC @sarina @antoviaque