Recommendations of hosting provider

I’m looking to shorten the research into finding a new hosting provider as the last one appears to have closed their doors or gone on vacation in the middle of activating our services.
It was really great options at a reasonable price of $52 for the first 50 users with eCommerce, website integration and advanced Xblocks. The management interface was perfectly good and made it easy to configure everything. Not really sure if that’s unique to them or not but I liked it.
Now there’s a ton of research to find a reasonable roadway of feature/cost with another provider, and time is not on my side. Having been abandoned we are falling behind and need to get up and running.
I’m reasonably well educated with decades as a developer and manager of large IT sites and business owner who have moved into permaculture to help salvaging the planet and bringing my experience with me to utilize technology to bring education to the masses. (Whew) :slight_smile:
We need a gradual roadway with a soft start cost wise.
Any recommendations will be appreciated!

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OK, they reached out today and we spent a number of hours together getting eCommerce installed. Apparently technology failure and maybe not entirely clear communication from my end. I expect it will we be smooth sailing from this point.

Hi Steve,
I am looking for a openedx hosting plan also. Can you share your provider name?

@stevex I am glad that we could sort things out. :slight_smile:

@pwang We can tell that @stevex is happy with our service, and we will be happy to have you as part of our eduNEXT customer base. You can either visit eduNEXT cloud subscription powered by Open edX | Features & Prices or write directly to :slight_smile: