Replaying an ecommerce transaction?

Hello everyone,

We just noticed that a transaction went through ecommerce, the Payment MFE and to Cybersource but it didn’t update the ecommerce dashboard and the ecommerce database obviously.

Is there a way to “replay” a transaction so that it can update automagically the ecommerce.order_order table or any other tables needed for a completed transactions? I temporarily had to modify the mode of the user who made the transaction from audit to verified in openedx.student_courseenrollment in order to allow the user to have access to restricted contents for people who bought access to the course.

Anything more I should change?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

At first glance, something went wrong because the basket in ecommerce.basket_basket is still in Status = Frozen while normally successful transactions end up as Status = Submitted. It’s as if the transaction didn’t come back from Cybersource.

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