Seeking Maintainers

Hey Everyone, as we expand the Maintainers program into the next phase, we are seeking maintainers for the following two XBlocks:

As a maintainer you would get write access to the repository and would be responsible for its maintenance as well as any improvements that you feel are needed for the repository. You’d be expected to complete the initial maintenance for the repository as well fulfill on-going maintainer duties.

If you are interested in maintaining one or broutineoth of these XBlocks, please reach out in this thread!

Note: If you are using either of these repos, please chime in, if we do not find a maintainer, the next step may be to deprecate the given blocks.

@feanil, I’m already the CC in these repos, so I can take this.


@Agrendalath awesome thank you! I’ll add them to the Maintainers Pilot list and since you’re already a CC, you can go ahead with the maintenance work needed there as you see fit. Please feel free to tag me on any issues you run into!