Seeking Maintainers

Hello Everyone,

I’m currently seeking maintainers for the following services that are part of the quince release but don’t currently have a named maintainer.

If you are interested in being a maintainer of any of these repositories, please post here to express your interest.

Reminder: You don’t need to be a current Core Contributor on a repo to volunteer to maintain it but you do still need to be well versed in the tech and be able to show that via work in other repos with a similar stack.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here as well.


I have teams that can maintain these repos. We will update the catalog-info files accordingly.


Thanks, @Kelly_Buchanan ! I noticed your team is already managing this repo. I’m also interested in the Lennar Dashboard maintenance, so I’ll work there as a backup, following @antoviaque advice. Additionally, I will select another repo from the maintainer spreadsheet where I can provide support and take care of its maintenance

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Hey @feanil I am a CC for edx-platform and I have also extensively worked and contributed to frontend-lib-content-components. If possible I would love to maintain the below repositories.

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@farhaanbukhsh 2U reached out to me via a different channel about those two already, I should have updated here, sorry about that. Would you be up for taking on frontend-app-gradebook instead?

My intention here is to help out here as much as I can :slight_smile: hence I will be happy to take it up. Thanks @feanil.

Awesome, I’ve created Rights Expansion: Farhaan Bukhsh to get you CC access to that repo!

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