Tutor maintainers

The Tutor project is composed of multiple repositories hosted in the overhangio GitHub organization. Each repository is maintained by a single developer. The creation of Tutor maintainers is a consequence of this Tutor enhancement proposal (TEP)


Tutor maintainers have the following responsibilities:

  • Triage GitHub issues, pull requests and respond to comments in a timely manner.
  • Handle upgrades from one major release to the next.
  • Follow conversations happening on this forum and that relate to their repository.
  • It’s okay great that maintainers take time off. When maintainers are unavailable for more than a few weeks they should warn another maintainer such that they can merge urgent pull requests (e.g: security fixes, major issue fixes) in their absence.
  • All pull requests should be reviewed by at least one maintainer – i.e: either the dedicated repo maintainer or @regis.

As a BDFL, @regis has the following responsibilities:

  • Assign repositories to maintainers (and keep the list below up-to-date).
  • Coordinate discussion between maintainers.
  • Manage maintainer permissions on this forum and in the GitHub team-maintainers team.
  • Review pull requests created by other maintainers.

List of maintainers

New maintainer applications

Anyone may apply at any time to become a maintainer of one of these repositories. In particular, any repo with a :recycle: sign is looking for a replacement maintainer. To become a maintainer, open a new topic in this forum and tag the repository maintainer that you would like to replace.


By default, communication between maintainers should happen in a public place, such as this forum. Maintainers are all part of the @tutor-maintainers group here on this forum. On GitHub, all maintainers can be addressed with the @tutor-maintainers mention.