Self-assessment with images

Hi, community! Please share your experience!

Students need to make charts in the course. I would like them to upload their chart as an image. After I would like them see the correct chart and assess if they did it correctly (for example with simple MCQ like correct/incorrect). How would you address this?

Hello @Sasha_Turilin

you can try to set an open response assessment problem which can be configured for file submission and set it to self assessment.
As part of the configuration, you can set the rubric that the learner will use to assess their submission, and it can present the correct graph and provide the learner with 2 options:

  1. my graph is similar to the one presented : grants one point
  2. my graph is different to the one presented : grants zero points.

Checkout the documentation at 10.29.1. Introduction to Open Response Assessments — Building and Running an Open edX Course: Juniper Release documentation