Selling Courses via Monthly Subscriptions?

Hi, I’m currently evaluating Open edX to hopefully take over a different solution I’ve been using, but have the following questions about ecommerce that I couldn’t find in the docs:

  1. Is there a support (even via an addon) that can handle a Netflix-style monthly subscription for a bundle of courses or role that can give access to courses?

  2. What are some examples of sites selling professional development training courses? Maybe one will inspire me with a different way to sell :slight_smile:

Hi @ricsmo! Welcome to Open edX :slight_smile:

Not that I know of, currently. This is a frequently requested feature though, so if you were to develop it, or fund its development, there would definitely be interest & help for it within the community.

You can have a look at the way edX sells professional certificates, for example:

Another option is to handle the registration/enrollment outside of Open edX, and then upload a list of users to enroll in each individual course, similarly to what is described in How to control user enrollment acceptance? - and potentially automate those steps if there are many courses/students registrations.