Slow time for redirect during create a course or adding content

First of all thanks in advance, and sorry about my english, is not my mother language. Hope everything would be understand.

I’m currently running an Ironwood natively installed.

We have a problem when select to create a new course on Studio or trying to add content to it (Sections, subsections, units, whatever).

Once the button to create is pressed, the request is made (Checked on the network tab of inspect) but it keep in pending status.

This pending status is keeped too much time, most times gives a 504 - Timeout.

The point is that the course (or content) is correctly created, I can see it refreshing the page or with another browser/session.

I can’t see anything weird in the request or any hanged process on the server.

Any help is welcome

Finally I found the problem, and will share the solution for in case someone anytime have the same error.

The problem was a incompatibility between Celery and Rabbitmq, as mentioned here:
Trouble-Shooting Celery & RabbitMQ For Open edX

After checking all permission and found everything correct, I changed the RabbitMQ password in
“my-password.yml” file (generating during installation), then execute the next commands.

sudo rabbitmqctl change_password celery YourPasswordForTheCeleryUser
sudo rabbitmqctl change_password edx YourPasswordForTheEdxUser
sudo rabbitmqctl change_password admin YourPasswordForTheAdminUser
sudo service rabbitmq-server restart

With all of this, the page reload automatically in a good time when doing anything in the course.

Disclaimer, after that if I check edx status, Celery is always down cause timeout, but everythings seems to work like a charm.