Wanted to create complete Tutorials on Open edX Tagstore

Hi All,
I wanted to explore tagstore but not able to use in studio, gone through discussion forum that there is no GUI to add these tags. It will give more control to content creators and they create better content into their platform It helps in sorting the topic, Questions, Reports. Please anyone help to understand how to use in production.

Tagstore was an experimental project and has never been completed; that’s why there is no GUI for it. If you want to use it in production, it would be necessary to build the GUI yourself.

We know there is a need for handling this sort of metadata in Open edX and it is on the platform roadmap in some form, but unfortunately there is not much support for it today.

Hi Braden,
I completely agree with you. Since you have a lot of Idea about this Tagstore I have one question can we achieve this thing with each question via tags in olx language.
So we can achieve it right now and in future when tagstore will be ready anyone can access it.
I will find someone who can contribute gui in edx.

Hi @Parvin_Kumar, I’m not sure exactly what you’re suggesting. Could you give us an example?

Hi Braden,

this is equation olx or xml code.

<numericalresponse answer="100">
  <p>You can use this template as a guide to the simple editor markdown and OLX markup to use for numerical input problems. Edit this component to replace this template with your own assessment.</p>
<label>Add the question text, or prompt, here. This text is required.</label>
<description>You can add an optional tip or note related to the prompt like this. </description>
<responseparam type="tolerance" default="5"/>
<tag>Linear Equations</tag><tag>Basic Level</tag>

I am attaching image here also in this we can see problem in rich text editor and values are show in editor please help me out with this

I don’t think that will work. With the tags present, the OLX may not parse properly. And even if it does, if you make any edits in Studio it will overwrite the OLX and erase the tags.

If you want to store the data in the OLX, alongside the XBlock, you’ll need to use a custom XBlock mixin (via the XBLOCK_EXTRA_MIXINS setting) to add a ‘tags’ field to every XBlock, add the UI to edit tags to every author_view. Then the tags data should be saved with the XBlock (in the OLX during export, and in modulestore otherwise). However, this will still require a fair amount of research and work to build; it’s not an easy solution.

Thank you very much Braden I am looking for a simple solution which will be used by whole community and with very less work.