The Build-Test-Release group needs you!

As with every new release cycle, the Build Test Release group is looking for volunteers to keep it running. A new release cycle means that BTR members can opt-in or opt-out of their current role(s).

In the last BTR Bi-weekly meetup most of the roles have been filled but we still have :1 role available!

Here is the list of roles and their availability:

Release Manager - Vacant

Release Documentation Expert - @pdpinch

Release Testing Coordinator - @jhony_avella

Bug Triager - @arbrandes

Community Liaison - Vacant

@regis is ready to volunteer for either of the vacant roles so we have one vacancy to fill. Who is up for the task?

The assignments will be validated at the next Bi-Weekly BTR Meetup on the 2nd of August.

:rotating_light: BTR Member

That’s not all! The BTR group is looking for more contributors!

If you don’t have enough time to commit to a role you but you are still looking for a way to contribute, :arrow_right: pick an issue from the BTR project board.



I’m happy to try the community liaison role.

Dennis Bates

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Excellent! Thanks for volunteering Dennis.

Are you able to attend the Bi-weekly meetups?

Some times will depend on the new job I start in the next couple of weeks but
If they are consistent times I should be able arrange around them.

Sounds good, the recording will be available so you can always make the recap from those.

I’ve added you to the slack channel, it would be nice if you could introduce yourself there.

@dbates, thanks for volunteering!

These are the artifacts from our last meeting on August 2nd:

Do you think you can whip up a post summarizing some of that? For reference, here are some examples of how I used to do it (but had to stop for lack of time):

You don’t need to do it exactly like that, of course. But a text summary of what went on in addition to the meeting video would be useful to many people.

I’m hoping to have it up this afternoon

I was on holiday last week (even in the meeting) and just started a new role at the NHS here in England on Monday. So I’ve been taking the fire safety courses for the 1050th time in my working life to make sure HR is happy.

I’m meeting with Sofiane this afternoon to go over the minutes and should be able to put them up after that.

again sorry for the delay life sometimes gets in the way.

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Hi @BbrSofiane @arbrandes @dbates

I can commit some time on an ongoing basis to assist with writing posts/reviewing copy in English, those types of non-technical jobs.

Let me know if that would be useful.

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@Dean, any help is always welcome, thanks! We always have non-technical stuff that needs doing, from the summary posts, to release notes.

There’s a documentation hackathon going on right now, btw. Might be worth looking into, if you’re interested.

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