Translation files - How to install


I would like to import or create a translation file for my platform.
I understand that under a directory called locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/ I may store my translation files.

But to where to create a such directory ? Custom theme dir ? edx root dir ?
Where can I find translation files ready to use ? (I am using Juniper 3).

Read these two articles carefully and you’ll find your answers:

Open edX Internationalization and localization wiki page

Guidelines for Translating the Open edX Platform

Hi Mahyard,

I found what I was looking for and way beyond !!! Many thanks !!

Hi Mahyard,

Do you have an idea where I can activate the target language in the admin ?

There is a dark language in the admin panel, but it’s just for test and development purposes I guess.
you have to adjust LANGUAGE_CODE from setting files.

HI Mahyard,

I have done it already, dark language + LANGUAGE_CODE and it is partially working.

Actually as a logged in user I can change the language and then the UI is translated. But, if I flush everything, cache, cookies, sessions etc then the UI is back to english. The LANGUAGE_CODE isn’t applied.

Am I missing something ?

dark languages are for test and development purposes in my opinion. Its setting is stored as a cookie on the client-side. thus It cannot be your entire site setting. change your site language from setting files. return to the Open edX Internationalization and localization wiki page article and you’ll find everything described there.