Tutor open edx in private network without internet connection

Hi All,
i need some help for the openedx quince release, the release is working in my local machine and i deployed in air-gapped environment ( the server is private and there is not internet). I am facing the issue with online CDN resources. How can openedx be deployed to use only static resources from file-system instead of online CDN?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @shinezakir are you facing issues in installing ? Or after installation when you try to open it from no-internet environment you are facing CDN issues ?

I doubt that in either of the cases it’ll work without internet.

Thanks chintan for the comment.
The installation is completed as i took the image and run on openshift.
the cms and lms both is accessible also, but the CDN issues and i can not create course, sections and units.
when i check the logs there is so many js files called online and due this its getting error.
in my server there is no internet,

In that case, as there are various CDN dependencies I doubt that it’ll work.

1 way is to download all those files and change the code, but that is a long way, I don’t know if there is any other shorter way possible for this.

I haven’t done it for Quince, but I can say at least for older versions of Open edX (I think probably Nutmeg?) I was able to do a local tutor install in a linux VM (that was configured to get its own DHCP IP address via bridged networking, not NAT), and then run classes that way. I did have to use nginx to serve up my own videos from a local copy, and I also had to go in and put alternate URLs for the nginx copies, which was painful since I had lots of videos.) In general Open edX is super not great for running offline, and I only do it when absolutely necessary.

Thanks for the response.
i am facing the issues with all the fonts, css and js files which have online links.
as there is no internet in the server thats why its crashing.

how can i do for these js and css files from the folder.
like below examples.




I feel like “air-gapped” is not an appropriate term to describe your setup, its sounds like you’re just blocking internet access from that host.

air-gapped implies there is no network connection at all, ie there is a gap of air between your server and network, meaning none of your users will ever be able to access your tutor instance since its unplugged permanently, ie can only be accessed physically at the host.

I realise that this doesn’t answer your question directly but as a sysadmin it is an important distinction to make when considering the security of your server. Your Tutor server requires network access in order to be accessible to your users.

You might find that a better solution would be to use a proxy or firewall solution that allows you to whitelist requests to specific destinations from your server (block access by default and only allow specific sites) though I can only imagine this being a real migraine to maintain.

As for static.hotjar.com this is an analytics collection tool, I don’t suspect there’s going to be any workaround for that requiring internet access, as far as I can tell hotjar is part of frontend-enterprise but I don’t actually know anything about it myself…

Your correct Joel.edwards.
actually i didnt describe my question well ( i think).
Let me clarify, i deploy the tutor openedx quince release in my server ( its intranet environment). SO users can access the site in intranet network.
there is no internet in this environment, so i am facing these resources error everywhere.

Hi, I am also trying to deploy the open edx platform on local network server not connected to the Internet.
Can you please share your experience on how you made the deployment.
Also regarding CDN dependencies issue you are facing, did you try saving the necessary js files to the static files directory and serving them locally? I’m not sure if that is doable but it’s worth looking into it.